A Big Thank You

A big thank you to everyone who's helped out with purchases, whether it's games, Pandemic Bonds or something else!

We don't know if stimulus is the major source, but whatever it is, we are extremely thankful for the generosity we've seen over the weekend. Thanks especially to Jim & Maite, Carlos, and to video game designer and friend of the store Jim Shepard, designer of Dungeonmans, who grew up playing games with us in the shop, and just ran a marathon game session on Twitch over the weekend to benefit the store. We're tremendously grateful.

Though we are still a ways from meeting expenses, the way we'll get there is with your help. Every purchase adds up, and we'll be adding items to the webstore all the time, so please check back regularly to see if we've added something of interest to you, and don't hesitate to request a certain item be added. We'll prioritize listing the items you want.

Thanks again, and we'll get through this together!