It's Been a Long Time Coming

Welcome to the new!

Creating a shoppable web presence has been a goal of ours for years, but we never the time, resources, or motivation to get it done. With this pandemic, we've got time and motivation to spare, and we're figuring the resources part out as we go.

First, if you already know The Adventure Game Store & Dragon's Lair and The Adventure Game Society, welcome to your online portal to all the goings on here while we're in the midst of this crisis. It's out hope to keep you informed about that's happening here in the shop, and to give you a convenient way to purchase the games you want, and support us at the same time, so we're here when we eventually emerge from this.

If you're just now finding us, or were directed here, welcome to you, as well! We are a full-service Friendly Local Game Store located in South Florida, founded in 1988. We also feature a tabletop game cafe and event space with a streaming studio and snack bar. We host local streams and podcasts whose links you can find on our home page.