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Godsforge at a Glance

  • Casting spells is fast and fun. Roll your dice then combine, re-roll, and re-combine the results to forge the elements you need to play the best card, right now.
  • Features simultaneous play. Everyone rolls their dice, crafts their spells, and launches their attacks at the same time.
  • Straightforward multiplayer rules where everyone attacks to the left and defends to the right, foiling would-be kingmakers.

Modern Multiplayer Gameplay

Godsforge features simultaneous play. All players roll their dice, craft their spells, and launch their attacks at the same time. There’s no downtime — everyone’s always playing.

Multiplayer conflict is straightforward. All players attack to their left and defend to their right to avoid kingmaking.

A perfectly balanced power ramp ensures each player’s forces rise dramatically to a climactic endgame.

Endgame conditions bring play to a swift conclusion as soon as any player dies. Eliminated players get right back into the next game’s action, no waiting.