Camel Up: Supercup

Camel Up: Supercup

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The craziest camel race of all time just got even crazier! The camels have to endure a longer race, but now can be powered up with the help of additional dice. Meanwhile, a renowned photographer is on the spot, patiently waiting for the craziest camel stack to build up. And last but not least, the Egyptian society has developed new betting techniques to increase profits and make the race's outcome even more exciting.

Camel Up: Supercup includes four modules, which you may add to the base game as you see fit.

1 Game Board Extension
5 Wooden Supporting Dice
1 Pedestal
1 Camera
5 Leg Betting Tiles
1 Pyramid Tile
2 Desert Tiles
1 Photographer Tile
22 Coins
10 Race Betting Cards
10 Betting Partnership Cards
4 Position Betting Tiles
1 Rule Book

Ages: 8+
Players: 2-10
Game Length: 30 minutes