Unknown Armies RPG Book Two: Run

Unknown Armies RPG Book Two: Run

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Unknown Armies Book Two: Run at a Glance

  • One of the three core books for Unknown Armies.
  • Play broken people trying to fix the world in this occult horror RPG.
  • A separate volume for gamemaster use during the game.

What is Unknown Armies?

Unknown Armies is a horror game set in an alternate version of our world where magick is real. The world is caught in a power struggle between members of the Invisible Clergy — a group of beings so dedicated to certain attributes that they become archetypes of them.

In this RPG, the gamemaster weaves mysteries based on player ideas. Players choose objectives and obsessions for their characters, and the GM uses these choices to drive the plot. The GM also plays the character's adversaries, allies, and other people who inhabit this world of cosmic horror.

Puppetmaster of Cosmic Horror: Gamemaster Materials

Unknown Armies is a roleplaying game where one person is the gamemaster. This person sets the scene, plays all of the gamemaster characters, and decides the outcome of actions based on the results of the dice.

This volume contains all of the rules for gamemasters. Inside, you'll find a structure to design a session of play, including mechanics for character advancement and action resolution. Also, you'll learn information about the world of Unknown Armies and its inhabitants like the Milk and the Immortal Secretaries.

This third edition core book is one of three essential volumes needed to play.