Sig Manual of the Primes RPG

Sig Manual of the Primes RPG

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Sig: Manual of the  Primes is a cosmopolitan planar fantasy tabletop RPG. Like other games in this genre, it presents a diverse city and the challenges of culture clash. It's a setting that juxtaposes planar magics with urban drama. It offers players the opportunity to travel to the planes of existence and explore the prime worlds.

This is a collaborative and improvisational game, with rules that support creative contributions from the players. The themes of family, faith, and faction politics are woven into the mechanics so that you can tell emotionally-compelling stories  together. The Manual of the Primes is complete tabletop game with a comprehensive setting and all the rules you need to explore it. 

The physical book is a 240 page, 6”x9”, full-colour hardcover book. The metalic foil cover is durable enough to suffer whatever the planes can throw at you. The setting is vibrant, diverse, and beautiful, so the interiors are printed on glossy 80# paper, like a professionally printed magazine. 

It offers....

Collaborative Rules. It offers tools for collaborative scene framing, free-wheeling roleplaying, tense conflicts, and revealing interludes. It offers a series of mechanics that reward confronting Beliefs and changing your perspective.

Compelling Characters. Build your own freebooter, be they descended from planar heritages or immigrants from the prime worlds. Determine which urban Faction your characters work for, and which Power they worship. Declare the philosophical, subjective, and controversial Beliefs they wish to confront. Weave a web of connections and characters who bind the group together.

Descriptions of the 'Verse. The book describes the Eternal Planes of Existence, their inhabitants, and their supporters. Each of the three Planar Rings are represented here: the Elemental Ring (Flames, Waves, Stone, Wind, Ice), the Ideological Ring (Justice, Destruction, Tyranny, Order, Freedom) and the Conceptual Ring (Shadows, Dreams, Lore, Life, Death). Each plane has their own landmarks, native inhabitants, friendly Factions, and resident divine Powers.

An Atlas of Sig, describing the various neighborhoods of Sig and the important people who represent them. Discover the Hive, where the destitute and the desperate struggle to survive. Explore Tetherward, where countless souls toil to enable planar trade. Revel in Riverward, where the commerce of the city thrives. Admire the glory of Highspire, home of the mighty.

Various Prime Worlds, those mortal realms we are so familiar with. These include rules for collaborative world-building and a list of exciting worlds to explore. More importantly, it includes 8 brand new prime worlds prepared by a roster of professional designers. Explore the following:

  • Age of Scales, by Renee Knipe;
  • Alucina, by Whitney “Strix” Beltrán;
  • Crystalia, by Alex Roberts;
  • Dimming Twilight, by Liz Chaipraditkul;
  • Hex, by Kira Magrann;
  • Iron Cities, by Emily Griggs;
  • Royal Mountain, by Jason Pitre; and
  • Whispering Sands, by Hannah Shaffer.