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For an adventurer, each day brings the same routine: grab your favorite boots, hop onto a plane to somewhere exotic, and dive right into another forgotten ruin to hunt for untold wealth. Maybe steal some other explorer’s spoils if you feel like spicing things up. At gunpoint, naturally.

Skulldug! is a pulp adventure-themed map building exploration game. Players spend action points to explore an ancient cave system, flipping over new map pieces, fighting monsters, discovering new treasure and equipment, and dropping traps for their fellow fortune-seekers.

The first player to collect three treasure and return to the cave entrance tile is crowned the winner. However, since each treasure comes with a debilitating curse for its holder, escaping the cave alive will be harder than it seems.

Skulldug! contains:

  • 85 Fortune and Hazard mini cards
  • 6 Dazed mini cards
  • 60 square passage tiles
  • 30 acrylic health gems
  • 15 explorer standees
  • 1 six-sided die


    • 16 Players
    • 4590 Min
    • Age: 13+