Unknown Armies RPG Book One: Play

Unknown Armies RPG Book One: Play

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Unknown Armies Book One: Play at a Glance

  • One of the three core books for Unknown Armies.
  • Play broken people trying to fix the world in this occult horror RPG.
  • A separate volume for player use during the game.

What is Unknown Armies?

Unknown Armies is a horror game set in an alternate version of our world where magick is real. The world is caught in a power struggle between members of the Invisible Clergy — a group of beings so dedicated to certain attributes that they become archetypes of them.

In this RPG, your characters know that magick is real, and perhaps they are able to wield it themselves. You will choose objectives to achieve in gameplay, helping to shape how your character grows and develops throughout the game. And in the end, perhaps those characters will ascend to a higher existence…or fall to insanity and despair.

Stranger in a Strange World: Player Rules

Unknown Armies is a roleplaying game in which each player controls a single character. In the course of gameplay, players will pick objectives that help direct the action of the game sessions as well as the progress of their characters.

This volume contains all of the rules for players. Inside, you'll find detailed mechanics for character generation and growth, including how to create compelling objectives, dealing with shock and mental trauma, and developing relationships. You'll also find rules and ideas for how to do things in the game, including how to resolve actions, engage in combat, and use magick.

This third edition core book is one of three essential volumes needed to play.