ZWEIHÄNDER RPG Gamemaster Folio

ZWEIHÄNDER RPG Gamemaster Folio

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Record your grim & perilous campaign using the Zweihander RPG: Gamemaster Folio.

Designed to be used by Gamemasters to annotate different types of encounters and new scenarios, the folio allows you to track what happens across your ZWEIHÄNDER game. The Gamemaster Folio includes a number of tracking sheets inside:

  • Campaign Overview
  • Conspiracy Overview
  • Web of Conspiracy
  • NPC Tracker
  • Conspiracy Tracker
  • Combat Tracker
  • Chase Scene Tracker
  • Wilderness Travel Tracker
  • Social Intrigue Tracker
  • NPC Profile
  • Creature Profile
  • Vehicle Tracker

Using the Gamemaster Folio, you will never have need for scratch paper at the game table, as everything you need is within. Personalize your folio by using a permanent marker to inscribe your campaign world on the front cover.

 Prepare your players for a world of grim & perilous adventure!